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Employees are a company’s greatest asset an employer has to assist in achieving business objectives, as well as meeting moral obligations in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Creating a safe work environment is important to the success of any business, one of the best ways to to this is is investing in employee training.

Osheqs helps provide your employees with appropriate training on all aspects of their work when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.

Occupational Health and Safety is a great way for employees to learn additional skills and knowledge and to reinforce quality work practises which will result in change in workplace behaviour. Investing in effective employee training will increase productivity, morale, as well as replace and avoid workplace incidents.

The importance of Occupational Health and Safety Training in the workplace:

  • Community expectations that organisations have a responsibility for those that work for
  • Legal obligations.
  • Insurable costs such as worker’s compensation premium that is linked to Occupational Health and Safety performance.
  • Uninsurable costs such as lost time injury and reduced productivity, staff replacement,
    retraining costs as well as loss of business reputation.
  • Costs to the community, such as health services, rehabilitation and loss of skilled labour.
  • Costs to employees through reduced quality of life as a result of workplace injury and
    disease, reduced income for the injured and their family and grief by everyone involved.

Our Training Solutions consist of:

  • COVID-19 Training
  • Lifestyle Management Training Workshops
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environment –  HWSETA Accredited
  • Occupational Hygiene and Safety – HWSETA Accredited
  • Public Awareness, Promotions of Dread Disease And HIV/AIDS – HWSETA Accredited

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