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Ensuring that all employees have timely access to the health services they need is at the heart of good occupational health and safety strategy.

Within the field of the Clinical Services , Osheqs brings together integrated delivery channel which include occupational health, diagnostic, incapacity and impairment assessments as well as travel medicine services. This approach enables us to drive our motto of promoting a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

Occupational Health
Oheqs provides occupational healthcare services to companies, helping ensure the wellbeing and safety of employees in the work space. Occupational healthcare is designed to protect employees from acquiring an occupational related disease or injury, a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in South Africa.

Our Occupational Health Solutions consists of:

  • Policy development and implementation
  • Management onsite
  • Health risk assessment
  • Medical surveillance
  • Biological monitoring
  • COID claims coordination
  • Formulation of clinical standards
  • Formulation of Code of Practise
  • Risk related vaccination drives
  • Mobile facility

The aim here is to advise employers on an employee’s health and make recommendations on any adjustments that might make the working environment safer and healthier.

Our Diagnostic Solutions consists of:

  • Interactive wellness days
  • Executive medicals
  • Chronic disease screening and management

Incapacity and Impairment Assessments
These type of assessments used to determine the nature of an individual’s physical or mental limitations, if any exist. They are used in occupational contexts to determine how a worker’s incapacity or impairment would affect his or her ability to perform a specific job.

Our Incapacity & Impairment Solutions consists of:

  • Road Accident Fund personal injury assessment
  • RAF1, RAF4, Narrative Test report
  • Workplace Incapacity Assessment
  • Insurance Medical Assessment
  • Absenteeism Assessment

Travel Medicine Services
We assesses travel-related risks, and provides information to ensure your employees health and safety while minimizing any undesirable effects while traveling. During a consultation, we will share medical expertise about travel-related illnesses, risk factors of infectious and non-infectious diseases, required immunizations and health regulations.

Our Travel Medicine Solution consist of:

  • Pre travel assessments
  • Travel packs
  • Travel information

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